World Overview of the New Age

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For countless ages the world of Artaeia existed in a primal state, where the laws of The Wild and survival of the fittest reigned. All within the natural order lived and died as part of the cycle. Overseeing this primal order was the Court of Fae’delaan, fey who thrive upon the chaotic and random nature of The Wild. As is their nature to hungrily pursue new passions and experiences, they eventually began to influence and shape the world. Over the course of many centuries they nurtured and created new species, both natural and magical, all to live within the natural order and to satiate their desire for new experiences. As they drew deeper upon these magical forces, they drew the attention of extraplanar powers. Some made peaceful contact with the Fae’delaan, while others tested their ability defend themselves. Factions within the court fragmented with differing opinions on how to meet and deal with outside forces. As the court struggled to hold itself together, Artaeia was invaded by the fiends of Hell and the Abyss, soon followed by the hosts of Heaven, Nirvanna and Elysium who are always eager to to do battle with fiends.

Extraplanar armies collided savagely with each other, each wanting to decimate the other. The Court of Fae’delaan stood back almost helplessly with all of their efforts focused on trying to survive the cataclysmic war taking place around them. Desperate to be rid of the outsiders and their own internal strife, a plan was developed to expunge the threat and attempt to restore their control.

The fey spread out across the world crafting structures to act as conduits for magical energy, drawing from the power of their world and the elemental forces around them. Once the towers were completed, and arrogantly relying upon their ability to use and manipulate the forces of magic, the Court of Fae’delaan drew more deeply and extensively than ever before to expel all outsiders and those who would do harm to the natural order. In their ignorance, the fey failed to realize they included themselves within the wording of the spell they wove. Not realizing the combined extraplanar forces and the amount of magical power drawn upon was beyond their control, some outsiders were unaffected and a great mystical cataclysm shook the world. The maelstrom of magical energy both crafted a new plane of existence and banished the Court of Fae’delaan to it. This new plane would later be known as Nyraeil.

The near expulsion of extraplanar forces, the absence of the Fae’delaan, and now more tangible presence of elemental forces walking the land, the world of Artaeia bloomed into a new age for other species to grow, develop and prosper without the whimsical molding of the fey court. Centuries came and passed, and new races rose up and established themselves as the new powers of the world. However, as history is want to repeat itself, magic once again was discovered, exploited and manipulated to cataclysmic fruition. Many ages came and went as the ones before.

Since that time, millenia have passed and a new age is rising. Ruins of many lost civilizations dot the world, the flora and fauna of the Arteia shaped and reshaped, and the very fabric of magic torn asunder, healed and reformed. What is left of Artaeia is truly meant for the strongest to survive, and an ages old power has returned to resume control and stewardship of the new world.

World Overview of the New Age

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