• Balguros Seastriker

    Balguros Seastriker

    This dwarven lord is profusely adorned in gold jewelry, wears a mirthless expression on his face, and carries an ornate handaxe at his belt. His every move implies skill in combat.
  • Garren Dellehue

    Garren Dellehue

    Short by human standards, this paunchy, older man wears an official's overcoat over wrinkled shirt and trousers. His hair is disheveled, and looks as though he's been up all night.
  • Polgerod


    Young, well-groomed and dressed in dramatic colors reminiscent of the four elements, one would assume this person to be a noble dandy and not an Island Lord.
  • Samser Kripling

    Samser Kripling

    Tall, wiry and always well-dressed in black aristocratic fashion, this nobleman is surrounded by an air of authority and arrogance.