New Age Rising

Interlude: Downtime in Torrenport

Following their harrowing, hour-long experience of hard adventuring aboard the sinking Midnight’s Mermaid, the fledgeling heroes head back to the Salty Shark for a much needed rest. Along the way, Thalmor stops midstride and abruptly turns to the east. A low, constricted growl escapes Thalmor’s lips as he stares intensely at the stars. His back arches and takes halting steps forward, as if resisting some unseen force taking control of his body. The catfolk oracle speaks with a deep, compelling voice that’s not his own.

“The tides of battle, blood and loss are coming to Wyrmgrave. The elder powers return to drink from the wine of life, and the old bones will wake from their ancient slumber to turn blue waters red.”

Thalmor’s body stiffens, screaming battle cries in different languages and voices simultaneously, and collapses to the ground motionless.

The catfolk’s companions rush to his side and check to see if he still lives. They find him unconscious, and his breathing shallow and ragged. Not wasting any time, his companions take him back to the tavern. The patrons of the Salty Shark all stare in quiet rapture as the group enters the tavern and makes their way upstairs. Once bedded down, they find the catfolk’s breathing and heart beat have stabilized.

Returning downstairs to the common room, they are approached by the proprietor, Jerkliff. “I don’t know, and I don’t care what your friend is on about or what your business is this night in Torrenport. Mark my words, mind you, that if you bring your troubles here you turn yourselves right around and leave.” With that, Jerkliff leaves and heads back to tending the bar.

Without missing a beat, Poppi spots games of chance going on at the corner tables and wanders off to join in. Dolgrin and Ix Chel follow along to share in the fun. With their new found coin, they do very well for themselves for winnings. Luck favors Poppi in dice, Ix Chel baffles the other patrons willing to place bets on who can guess where she’s from, and Dolgrin seems to have a natural talent at games of Knuckle Crunch and Break a Brow.

Dolgrin (360 xp, 45 sp)
Ix Chel (360 xp, 45 sp)
Poppi (400 xp, 50 sp)



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